Unfaithful Servant (nattie_dino) wrote in ctaxidermy,
Unfaithful Servant

Skeletal Articulation

Hi everyone. I have had this group on my friends list for a while so I thought I should join in so I can post my adventures here since you all have a similar interest and can understand my excitement over this.

I'm a 3rd year wildlife science student in Australia. For my course I chose to make up my own subject and had it approved about 1.5 months ago. I am doing a complete skeletal articulation on a Dingo and I'm pretty damn excited, I also have to do a literature review on taxidermy and a manual on how I articulated the dingo and a presentation. About 3 weeks ago I got dermestid beetles from the museum and started a colony at the university and this wednesday I finally get to cut up the dingo :) My dermestids are still not a large colony as it has just been started so I'm going to have to keep part of the cut up dingo in the freezer while some of it will go in with the beetles. The best bit about this is that I am learning how to articulate a skeleton while also getting marks towards my degree. The skeleton, if it is good enough will be displayed at the university and the uni want more done so if I do the dingo well enough they will get me to do some more animals such as a kangaroo and a platypus :)

Just wanted to ask has anyone cut up an entire dog before? and have any of you any experience with keeping dermestid beetles? They are in a climate controlled room at 30 degrees C and I've fed them a rat and yeast and i spray the meat every few days to keep it moist as apparently they like that. Any other tips possibly?

Also has anyone used sodium perborate to clean bones?
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