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Hello everyone! This isn't exactly taxidermy but I figured I'd ask anyway...

I've got a bunch of tiny annoying snails that were meticulously picked out of a fishtank by hand by a coworker of mine. Troublesome the things may be, but their green, black-dotted spiral shells are a beauty, so I was thinking of making a sort of chain out of them. Anyone have any idea of not only the best way to clean the shells of the organisms inside, but also how to best preserve the shells?

In relation to bleaching of bones, which someone else asked about long ago.. I have a deer skull I bleached myself, however, the problem with using bleach is that it leeches out many of the essential components of the bone. Result? The thing is flaking with dandruff worse than mine now! Now I just need to figure out what I can put on it to keep it from completely disintegrating...
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