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jinx yomeacoke

jaw bone cleaning

I have a few questions about cleaning jaw bones. First off, let me explain my situation. I recently started collecting bones, logically i thought the best place to get the bones was from a dead animal. As i didn't want to either A. cut up ground hogs and skunks and raccoons that had begun to decompose, or B. make my own bug box, i figured i would let it happen naturally.  At this point  I have quite a few ground hog jaws, they no longer have any type of tissue on them, and they have been dry and tissue-less for about a month.  they are, however,  a dirty brownish-gray.  How should i clean these?  I've read that i should either boil them or keep them in a jar of water for a few weeks in order to de-grease them. I've also read that the latter smells, as i am in a college dorm, i don't think my roommate would appreciate that.  I also, won't spend the money on a pot for bone cleaning specificaly, and i still want to be able to eat out of my pot without retching.   Is this process crucial?  Also, when i clean them with peroxide do i boil them in it or do i scrub them with it? If i boil them in peroxide, does that kill two birds with one stone and rid them of grease and whiten at the same time? As far as teeth go, when cleaning, is there any special care needed? I've heard that they need to be coated them with epoxy, does this mean mix the epoxy so it becomes adhezive, then coat them, or use just the curative part?  

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I just used bleach and mine came out really white.As for the rest I don't know. Bleach was all I used.
Bleach 'em for a few hours and leave them out in the sun. Don't leave them in the bleach for long because it will damage the bone.

This entry was a while ago, what have you ended up doing?
well... i ended up boiling them in hydrogen peroxide. it worked quite well. I cleaned the teeth then coated them in epoxy before placing them back in the jaw.

my new question is this: I have a complete deer skull, spine, and pelvis... I'm at the same point of decomposition as i was with the jaw bone. I don't have a pot large enough to boil them in, and I live in a city so i can't really put them out in the sun.... what should I do?
0.o THAT is a lucky find! Well, I haven't really had to deal with anything so large, but I used a plastic garbage can if you can afford that much bleach or peroxide that's what I'd do. You can still use the garbage can afterwards but be sure to wash it out several times. I hope you find something better if that didn't help, though ^_^