over (pinkarmadillos) wrote in ctaxidermy,

so i have these bugs right...

and i want to put them inside little boxes and then inside stuffed animals, but i dont know how to do this. i looked up how to preserve them and then i realized that mine are already preserved and then i looked up how to pin them but what i dont get is, what do you pin them too? like, should i get cork or something? also...

a. how do i spread them? of course i tried to save money and thought i could do it myself and really, i want to learn how but im afraid of breaking them.

b. do you know of anywhere where i can buy tiny boxes for them? like 2 in x 3 in or something? do they have special airtight boxes for bugs? does it even need to be airtight?

c. does anyone know where i can buy dead bumble bees?


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